About the film

A heartwarming and empowering documentary not just for those expecting!

Birth Days. The course of natural birth is interrupted in times of excessive medical intervention.

In Cyprus, Caesarean section births account for an abnormally high rate; four times higher than the World Health Organisation recommendations. Birth Days captures the transformational journey of a mother pursuing a natural birth after Caesarean, and her fight to reclaim her own body and regain trust in the maternity care system.

How do we give birth to our children and what are the reasons for the increase in C-sections? Has labour become a "cascade of intervention"? What are women's rights at labour and how can a woman gain confidence in her own female nature?

By presenting audiovisual material from natural births, interviews with health care professionals and a series of real events, Birth Days opens new horizons in the approach of labour as a unique natural experience. Has medicalisation of childbirth gone too far?